Renewable Energy Technology
  • Wind Power: The Fastest-Growing Source of Green Energy

    From the US to China, and more than 70 countries in between, wind power is being embraced as a solution to the world’s growing energy shortage and reliance on heavily polluting fossil fuels. Though North America has been a late bloomer in entering the wind power arena, the industry is now taking off, and the US has already taken the lead in worldwide wind production. The timing couldn’t be better. With political leaders poised to promote green energy technologies, investors are clamouring to climb aboard before it’s too late. To find out how wind energy might fit into your investment portfolio, feel free to contact a member of the RET team.
  • Raising the Bar on Wind Energy

    When choosing to invest in a wind energy producer, it’s important to see a company’s words put into action. RET has a great portfolio that highlights the quality and scope of projects the company has undertaken.
  • Service with Integrity

    RET is a full-service investment company that focuses on treating its clients with the highest levels of respect and integrity. We offer expertise in a wide range of areas, including management of wind projects from start to finish.
Renewable Energy Technology